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Diving straight into the deep end, the first-ever cinema cameras Tidman worked with were RED's. During his three-year tenure working for National Geographic's Paul Nicklen, Cristina Mittermeier, and their non-profit organization SeaLegacy, he had the opportunity of starting with some of the highest quality kits available.

Since 2020, he has primarily worked alongside award-winning cinematographer Justin Maguire, rapidly continuing to develop his ever-growing skillset in cinematography. He has worked with Wildstar Films, Wall to Wall, River Road Films, and most recently, Wildspace Productions.

He is currently splitting time in his freelance career between photography and blue-chip cinematography. As a natural history generalist, Tidman has over 1,250 hours of flight time, vast experience with DJI drones, and was an early holder of the Advanced Operations Drone Certificate in Canada. As his early days in cinematography were equally split above and below the water's surface, Ryan is just as confident with topside systems as he is with underwater housings. Most of his recent work has been topside camera operating, including long lensing and gimbal operating.

As of 2022, Ryan is currently a KMG Management's Global Crew member, based out of British Columbia, Canada. His kit consists presently of a RED Komodo, a wide variety of lenses, an assortment of grip gear, timelapse equipment, grip gear, audio equipment, and a Mavic Pro 3 CINE. As of July 2022, Tidman is booking a year out in advance. If you are interested in hiring Tidman for an upcoming project or shoot, click the contact button in the menu or email References are available upon request.

Ryan has experience with RED Systems, Phantom Slowmotion Cameras, Sony Cameras, DJI Drones, DJI Gimbals, Underwater Systems, Time Studies, Set Work,  Gimbal Operations, Cineflex Systems, ShotOver Systems, GSS Systems, Audio and Wildtrack Recording, DIT and Offloading, and more.




OCEANS (2024)Netflix

Drone Operator/Camera Operator/Underwater Camera Operator


Drone Operator/Camera Operator


Drone Operator/Camera Assistant

AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL (2022) - National Geographic

Drone Operator/Camera Assistant

GROWING UP ANIMAL (2021) - Disney Plus

Drone Operator/Underwater Camera Operator/Camera Assistant

PACIFIC WILD (2020) - Pacific Wild Social Media Platforms

Drone Operator/Underwater Camera Operator/Camera Operator/Camera Assistant


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